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My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

This is my list of favorite Thanksgiving items I put on the table every year. I hope you have your favorites too, but if you don’t, maybe you can find something interesting on my list.


Sausage Pumpkin Pinwheels-see more…

These pinwheels are made with pumpkin puree and cooked sausage, green onions and shredded Monterey Jack cheese. Really beautiful on the table and also delicious.

Cheese straws with Feta and poppy seedssee more…

The cheese straws, especially the homemade ones, are perfect for appetizers or just snacks and go perfect with cold beers.

Smoked Fish Dip With Mayo-see more…

Delicious easy dip to serve with some good French baguette thinly sliced. The best!

Side dishes:

Creamy Spinach-see more…

Beautiful side dish that could replace other greens you are used to. This recipe is an old Romanian recipe that I grew up with. My grandmother used to make it quite often and everyone in the family liked it including the children.

Vegetarian wild rice and mushroom stuffingsee more…

If you have vegetarians in your family, this recipe is for them.

Perfect Cheesy Potatoes- see more…

There is no Thanksgiving  without them in my house. One of the favorites!

Scalloped Corn with vegetables-see more…

This is by far my favorite side dish – corn, crackers, lots of vegetables and cheese! Very easy to make and delicious.

Sausage, cranberries, walnuts and bacon stuffing-see more…

Oh, Yuum! How can you not like this one?

Cranberry Chutney With Apples-see more..

Baked Brandied Cranberry Sauce-see more…



Many of you will go with traditional pumpkin pie or something else pie. However, for the ones who would like to try something else, here you have some ideas:

Apple Pie Bars- Romanian Slab Pie-see more…

A recipe that is different than the American pie, but equally delicious and very attractive on the holidays table.

Apple Pie Bars- Romanian Slab Pie


Authentic Mexican Capirotada- Bread Pudding-see more…

Delicious flavors and textures make this dessert a handsome option for any end of the meal. Serve it with ice cream or heavy cream! Excellent!

Ok, everyone! This is my round up list for Thanksgiving! My last word for you is this: Whatever you make, whatever recipe you choose, I hope you have a peaceful, beautiful holiday together with your loved ones! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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