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My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

This is a list of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes I put on the table every year. I hope everyone gets inspired to try at least one from my list. 

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes 2

Thanksgiving is here, and I thought it would be easier for my readers to create a list of favorite recipes I personally cook every year for this wonderful occasion.

Thanksgiving is my favorite time to celebrate life, give thanks for my blessings and be with my loved ones.

I hope you find something to inspire you to get in the kitchen and make a wonderful meal for you and your family or friends.

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes


Start with these ideas and build your menu from here:

Side Dish

Continue with these easy-to-make side dish recipes.


Many of you will go with traditional pumpkin pie or something else pie. However, for the ones who would like to try something different, here you have some ideas:

Also, check out this round up for Pies and Tarts for Thanskgiving.

 My last word for you is this: Whatever you make, whatever recipe you choose, I hope you have a peaceful, beautiful holiday together with your loved ones! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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