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20 Summer Favorite Recipes From The Bossy Kitchen

Hi everyone!

This recipe collection is meant to celebrate summer and the awesome fruits and vegetables this season offers. People spend more time outside enjoying the weather, but many of us love to cook and bake all year round. 

Summer Favorite Recipes From The Bossy Kitchen

I put together 20 of my favorite summer recipes from The Bossy Kitchen for your convenience. However,  make sure you visit the other recipes on the blog, as you will definitely find more awesome treasures to try.

From salads to spreads, from soups to main dishes, from cookies to ice cream, cakes, and other awesome desserts, there is something for everyone.

Summer is an awesome season that I happen to see for a short period of time, as I live in Minnesota, and we are usually lucky with 3 months of warm weather. 

It is almost the end of May, and last night, we still had 35F outside! It is slowly improving, but I am definitely tired of this weather.

Maybe this is the reason I came up with this collection. I know that many people around the United States already enjoy warmer temperatures and can be outdoors more than we can here in Minnesota. 

As much as I tried over the years to embrace the climate, I have to recognize that I was not very successful.

I don’t like winters, or wait…let me rephrase that! I don’t like brutal winters, I like milder ones where you can still have some snow, but the cold doesn’t linger around for 8 months out of the year! 

Here is the collection of recipes that I hope will brighten up your day and the rest of your summer. Cooking and baking are love made visible! At least, this is what I think! Enjoy!

Best Apple Coleslaw

Easy Summer Old Fashion Peach Cake

20 Summer Favorite Recipes

This is a collection of 20 summer recipes to inspire you to get in the kitchen and make delicious things for your family and friends.

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Thursday 11th of July 2019

Gabriela, you in Minnesota and I in Northern Michigan. I hear you girl, I love winter, I love the snow, the cold that makes it squeak underfoot, the crisp air. All the baking that I do, the long simmering meals... it truly is beautiful. But OMG is it long!!!!!! It’s like never ending! This last one was particularly long. Cherry festival ended last week but the cherries are still on the trees, not ready. I’m not talking tart ones, vișine as we know them because those come later. I’m talking the sweet cherries. Like I said. It was brutal.... I still had my heat on in June!!!!!!!! But yeah, Minnesota is worse. I grew up in Timisoara. In March I was out of the winter coat for good. Actually more like in February. So thanks for the recipes. Many of them very familiar to me but a little bit different here. Bringing good memories.