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10 Delicious New Year’s Cake Ideas From The Bossy Kitchen

10 Delicious New Year’s Cake ideas from The Bossy Kitchen– recipes that are great to keep close to you when it is time to celebrate either the end of the year, birthdays, or other events in your life. Life is too short of saying no to cake and fun. Enjoy and happy baking!

10 Delicious New Years Cake ideas- featured picture

Cake for the New Year’s Eve? Anyone? Baking a cake for New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite traditions I love to keep every year.

When I was growing up, the New Year’s celebration was supposed to last all night; therefore, there was a need for lots of food, cake, and plenty of drinks.

Perhaps many of you are celebrating big time; therefore, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of cake recipes to choose from for the last night of the year.

10 Delicious New Year's Cake Ideas From The Bossy Kitchen

This is it, my friends! I am closing the year with many accomplishments, and I am happy to share my best recipes with you.  

I hope you find the perfect cake to make for New Year’s Eve. I also hope 2018 is going to be kind to all of us.

I wish you health, peace, prosperity, and love! Happy cooking and Happy New Year! Or the traditional Romanian “La multi ani”!

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Pooja Parmar

Thursday 25th of October 2018

The cake looks delicious and refreshing.

The Bossy Kitchen

Thursday 25th of October 2018

Thank you!