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15 Ground Meat Recipes (Beef And Pork)

Ground meat recipes are perfect for any day of the week, as you can put food on the table in no time. This collection of 15 ground meat recipes made with either beef, pork, or a combination of both will show you flexibility in making different dishes with what you have available.

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Ground meat is not only ground beef

I noticed that many people know how to use ground beef in various dishes, but they do not know what to do with ground pork, for example, or ground turkey/chicken.

As a person who grew up not necessarily in poverty but with limited resources, I learned how to use whatever I had available to cook favorite dishes for myself and my family.

When I was growing up, making stuffed peppers, for example, was not a problem if we only had ground pork or only ground beef. We made them with whatever meat we had available.

Sometimes we even ground the meat at home, as people liked more to see what kind of meat was going into the grinder.

We often mixed the meat, as ground pork had more fat than ground beef, for example. Therefore the dish was coming out more delicious.

Sometimes, when money is tight, or the resources are few, being creative in the kitchen makes you a survivor of the hard times and teaches you to become humble and grateful for whatever life offers at that moment.

We are so used to an abundance of everything, ingredients we can choose from, and resources that we do not appreciate enough.

However, life can go up and down, and smart and creative people are the ones who can succeed during hard times.

If we look at populations around the globe, which are not as fortunate as others, we notice that many cuisines use recipes with simple ingredients that can be adjusted according to their needs.

During difficult times, when people lose their jobs and struggle with money, getting back in the kitchen or learning how to cook simple recipes becomes suddenly critically important.

In the process, you might even discover better ways to eat or recipes you never thought before you might be able to cook.

As I always said in the past, cooking is love made visible. The way you feed your family right now is essential for everyone’s health and well-being.

We should all shop less in the middle of the grocery store and start visiting the perimeter, where fresh ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, are waiting for us.

Even building a garden might be a smart way to go during difficult times.

I hope this collection of ground meat recipes will end up being beneficial to you and also inspiring.

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15 Ground Meat Recipes ( Beef and Pork)

Ground Meat Recipes to make when you have ground pork or beef.

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