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47 Best Salmon Recipes

Discover your next family meal in this collection of 47 best salmon recipes. From appetizers to soups and main dishes, this collection is meant to bring awareness about how many things we can make with salmon.

47 Best Salmon Recipes

Salmon is good for you

Salmon is a fatty fish that used to be the most popular fish consumed in Europe in the Middle Ages. It was cooked in many ways, and also preserved for winter when food was scarce.

This delicious fish was braised, salted, smoked, or cooked in stews. Pollution, overfishing, and the construction of dams considerably reduced salmon consumption. When salmon became rare, it suddenly became a luxury food.

Today, most commercially available salmon comes from the Pacific or from the Atlantic. It could be farmed or wild.

Salmon is one of the most popular fish choices in America because of its rich, buttery flavor. In American supermarkets, you can find both wild and farm-raised salmon.

This fish is not only popular but also loaded with nutrients good for your body. It is tasty, versatile, and wildly available.

Salmon is a fatty fish, therefore high in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, potassium, and selenium. A moderate amount of fish may support a healthy heart and brain. It supports your thyroid function, fights inflammation, and promotes healthy skin.

With so many benefits, salmon is one of the best fish options out there. For this reason, a collection of the best salmon recipes out there is a treasure to keep around, when you are looking for new ways to cook this awesome fish.

I hope you find something awesome to impress your family and friends because this collection will more than sure open your horizons about how many things you can do with fish.

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47 Best Salmon Recipes

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