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15 Authentic Mexican Recipes

15 Authentic Mexican Recipes to make any day of the week.

15 Authentic Mexican Recipes1

It is so hard not to love Mexican cuisine. Mexican recipes are comforting and delicious, from tacos to flan, from homemade stews to delicious soups. 

I love Tex-Mex cuisine also, but I am more fond of authentic Mexican cuisine, which is very different from the one found at the southern American border. 

I thought it would be nice to collect my favorite 15 authentic Mexican recipes that I often make. 

You will find delicious recipes with mild flavors that are easy to make by anyone who loves being in the kitchen and trying new recipes.

You will be able to enjoy my favorite and the most popular recipe of chicken tinga on my blog, a recipe that is as authentic as it can be.

There are instructions in this recipe on how to cook it in different ways, from traditional stove cooking to Instant Pot and slow cooker.

The chicken soup or Caldo de Pollo is to die for. The flavors are mild, and the recipe is excellent for the entire family, from young kids to elders. If you prefer to make this recipe in an Instant Pot, here is a version of it.

One of the easiest recipes on this list is pork in green salsa, which uses bottled green salsa to create a fantastic sauce for cooked pork. This recipe is excellent with rice or just on a taco.

Pico de gallo with tuna is another authentic recipe that comes from Mexico City. You might be surprised to find out that this recipe is usually served with saltine crackers and not with tortilla chips, which, by the way, are not a popular item on the Mexican tables in Mexico.

You will also find recipes for rice and basic Mexican beans, just because I think it is important to learn how to build up recipes that are so used in Mexican cuisine.

Flan is a recipe that everyone loves, and it is so easy to make. However, my flan recipe with cream cheese is a popular, exciting one that might intrigue and inspire you to try.

And finally, capirotada, a recipe of bread pudding made differently than the classic bread pudding we all know about.

The bread is soaked in a dark brown sugar syrup infused with cinnamon sticks, raisins and almonds, and cheddar cheese(YUM!). What more can you ask for?

Whether it’s a regular Friday night, Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, or Labor Day, these 15 authentic Mexican recipes are fun enough for a party and easy enough to make a delicious weeknight dinner.

Authentic Mexican Recipes Great For Parties And Gatherings

Authentic Mexican Recipes- From appetizers to desserts, there is something for everyone. These recipes will bring the awesome Mexico flavors to your plate.

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