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Cinco De Mayo-Authentic Mexican Recipes

Cinco De Mayo-Authentic Mexican Recipes to celebrate the beautiful culture of Mexican Americans living in the US!

Cinco De Mayo Authentic Mexican Recipes

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

Many of you around the United States celebrate today at Cinco de Mayo. For those who do not know what Cinco de Mayo means, the day is a celebration of the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. 

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistaken to be Mexico’s Independence Day—the most important national holiday in Mexico—which is actually celebrated on September 16.

However, the day is a source of pride for the Mexican Americans who enjoy celebrating traditional foods, culture, and music.

I’ve always embraced the day and made the most of it. It’s a great reason to get together with friends, talk about Mexican culture and enjoy some great food!

I love Mexico. While I was living in Mexico City, I learned a lot about their culture, foods, and traditions.

I opened myself to new flavors, I learned recipes and made life time friends.

Overall, Mexico will always hold a huge part of my heart, and I am honored that life allowed me to live in Mexico for a while and experience some of its culture, traditions, and foods.

So, for you, the ones who like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend, I put together some of my favorite authentic Mexican recipes I learned over the years.

Mexican cuisine is more than tacos and enchiladas; and it is a melting pot of so many delicious dishes that use beautiful, fresh ingredients!

Enjoy and get cooking! Bring one or two recipes for that picnic out there with your friends and enjoy the day with good food, good music, and great company!

For the grace and power of the Mexican culture and to its delicious cuisine, here is my collection of recipes!

Cinco De Mayo-Authentic Mexican Recipes

Collection of Authentic Mexican recipes for Cinco de Mayo. From appetizers to desserts, there is something for everyone. These authentic recipes will bring the awesome Mexico flavors to your plate. Enjoy!

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