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20 Creamy Layered Desserts

20 Creamy Layered Desserts are all you need for your next party. Delicious and also easy to make, anytime you need to make a dessert for a potluck, gathering, or just for your own enjoyment, one of these recipes might be perfect to use.

20 Creamy Layered Desserts- Collage of layered desserts

Layered desserts are versatile and easy to make.

Layered desserts are easy to make and usually require little to no baking steps. This makes them suitable for people who are not into baking or just looking for an easy dessert.

These desserts are usually light and are made with ingredients easy to find in a grocery store. Some of these ingredients could be graham crackers, whipped cream, cool whip, instant puddings, cream cheese, preserves, peanut butter, fresh fruits, etc.

Sometimes, the recipes use store-bought, pre-made ingredients and are not 100% made from scratch. This is what makes them so quick and easy.

The truth is, if you want to make these desserts from scratch, you will need more time and also some skills in the kitchen.

The good thing about these types of desserts is that you can make big batches for parties, but you can also make individual servings to give yourself a treat.

This collection of creamy layered desserts will offer you options to put a wonderful, decadent, and elegant dessert on the table without working too much for it.

I can’t stop smiling at the unique combination of ingredients and flavors you will find in these dessert treats that are deliciously pleasing to taste.

When you need dessert in a pinch, turn to these tasty, easy recipes, and you’re done in a jiffy!


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20 Creamy Layered Desserts

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Tuesday 8th of February 2022

These desserts bring back SO MANY delicious memories! Thank you for including my recipe!

Kathleen Pope

Thursday 13th of January 2022

Ooh these layered desserts are truly drool worthy, I wan to try each and every ONE!

The Bossy Kitchen

Friday 14th of January 2022

They look really nice, indeed!