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Recipes To Use Up Leftover Hard Boiled Eggs From Easter

This is a collection of recipes to use up leftover hard boiled eggs from Easter.

Recipe Ideas for leftover Easter Eggs

Every year after Easter, most of us have leftover hard-boiled eggs. The easiest way to use them is the popular Egg Salad, but other recipes out there might be a good option for the hard-boiled eggs.

I hope nobody throws away these hard-boiled eggs after Easter, right? That would be a lot of waste, and it is a no-no in my book.

Eggs can be repurposed in so many recipes that would be really a shame to not take advantage of them.

You can make lots of things with them. 

What you can do with hard-boiled eggs- A few Ideas:

  1. Grate them over a pasta salad
  2. Slice them and throw them over vegetable salads
  3. Slice and place them into any sandwich
  4. Make fried potatoes or baked ones and grate the eggs over the potatoes. Delicious!
  5. Use the egg white in the salad and the yolk in the vinaigrette. Mash the egg yolk, add a tablespoon of oil, some mustard, a little bit of vinegar, salt, and pepper to your taste, and voila! Ready to mix it with your salad.
  6. Chop the eggs and toss them into fried rice, cooked greens, or a stir-fry.

Besides these ideas, here you have some more recipes that you might find interesting for this week after Easter.

Recipes To Use Up Leftover Hard Boiled Eggs From Easter

Great ideas to repurpose hard boiled eggs

This is all, my friends! So many recipes, so many choices, and so many ideas! I hope you find something to use from this list. Please drop a note and let me know which one you made!

I would be happy to hear from you.

Also, I want to thank to all my fellow bloggers who contributed to this round-up! Happy Easter everyone!

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