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32 Easy Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day

These 32 Easy Recipes For St.Patrick’s Day will help you expand your horizons regarding Irish foods that are traditionally cooked for this day.

Easy Recipes For St. Patricks Day( collage of foods)

There are only a few more days until St. Patrick’s Day.

While going out to celebrate is fun, and many Americans will embrace the day as an opportunity to become Irish for a day, many of you might choose or have to stay home instead and celebrate indoors. 

If you are like me, you probably think that celebrating at home is a better idea. I do not drink much, but I do love to enjoy good food.

For that matter, these easy recipes for St. Patrick’s Day might come in handy. 

After all, for this occasion and worldwide, people of Irish descend and not only cook different Irish dishes to mark the day.

What exactly is Irish food? 

Think of traditional Irish food, and you will probably come up with potatoes, Irish Stew, Dublin Coddle, Bacon & Cabbage (Or Corned Beef & Cabbage, which is not even a traditional Irish dish, but an example of Irish emigrants to the United States making the best of available ingredients).

However, the story of Irish food is much richer and more varied than these stereotypes. It is all about food in season, cooked and delicious.

This collection of easy recipes for St.Patrick’s Day brings the American readers a multitude of Irish recipes that might not be as popular in the US, but they are traditional in Ireland.

I hope you find something new to make this year besides the recipes you already have in your repertoire.


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32 Easy Recipes For St. Patrick's Day

These easy recipes for St. Patrick's Day will help you expand your horizons regarding foods that are traditionally cooked for this day.

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