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44 Christmas Cookies & Bars From Around The World

44 Christmas Cookies & Bars From Around The World- America is baking cookies for the holidays. To honor the tradition, I decided to put together a collection of cookie recipes from all over the world.

Christmas Cookies Bars From Around The World - featured picture for Pinterest

This is an awesome collection of cookies, and I hope you will find in this article something to bake, even if you are not necessarily familiar with it.

After all, each one of us has roots somewhere outside of this amazing country. Most of us kept or brought recipes that connected us with our childhoods, family, and friends.

We keep making these recipes year after year because of the tradition and who we are from an ethnic perspective. Familiar spices, tastes, and rituals make our life feel safer and more comfortable.

I noticed while I was writing this article that many recipes for rugelach cookies are out there. This recipe has so many variations, and it seems to come from all over Europe.

Eastern Europe is the champion of making it. Hungarians might claim the recipe as theirs, but everyone else makes a version of it.

I tried to keep all of them in this post because each country makes them differently. You should try one or two versions and see how they are.

So, my friends, here is my collection! Happy baking!

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44 Christmas Cookies & Bars From Around The World























This post was done with many bloggers who enjoy cooking, baking and also love sharing their creations with their audience. Thank you all for participating!

Christmas Cookies Bars From Around The World

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Deb Malone

Friday 13th of January 2023

I'm looking for a lemon cookie recipe my grandmother used to make for christmas....very thin and light, very delicate, with a lemon filling. They were shaped and pressed by hand with a dip in the center for the filling after they cooled. I lost the recipe and my family really misses them. I believe they were Danish in origin....they were called Lemon Lyrics

The Bossy Kitchen

Saturday 14th of January 2023

I am not sure what kind of cookies you are talking about, but your description makes me think of the thumbprint lemon cookies. I would start doing a Google search for lemon thumbprint cookies and see what is out there. I googled Lemon Lyrics and nothing came up.I hope you find a version of what you are looking for, as I totally understand the loss of these little family treasures.

Christina | Christina's Cucina

Friday 7th of December 2018

Great international collection of Christmas cookies! I want to try a few, for sure! Thanks for including my Zimtsterne from Germany and Cioffe from Italy!

The Bossy Kitchen

Friday 7th of December 2018

You are very welcome, Christina! Please feel free to share the post with your audience!

Camilla Hawkins

Friday 7th of December 2018

What an amazing selection of festive cookie recipes from around the globe, I'm particularly drawn to the Italian Ranbow Cookies which look so cheery and colourful. Thanks for including my cookies:-)

The Bossy Kitchen

Friday 7th of December 2018

You are so very welcome! All these cookies looked very good to me but you are right, that Italian cookie is very colorful and festive.I hope everyone enjoys the post and get inspired to get in the kitchen and bake some delicious cookies!