This Chicken and Wild Rice Soup recipe comes your way as a hearty meal to make any time you need a comforting dish. Easy Instant Pot Recipe for your entire family!

For The Instant Pot: – Chicken – Carrots – Celery stalks – Onions – Garlic cloves – Parsnip – Wild rice – Vegetable or chicken broth – Salt

For the Stovetop: – Butter – Flour – Half and half – Salt

Place all ingredients in the pot: chicken, carrots, celery, onions,  garlic, parsnip, wild rice, vegetable/chicken broth or water, salt.

Instant Pot:

Cover and set the Instant Pot on Manual High Pressure. Then, do a quick release steam using the valve on top. Open the pot, remove the chicken and shred it. Add it back to the soup.

Instant Pot:

Melt butter in a saucepan on medium heat. Add flour and whisk for 2 minutes, so it gets cooked.

On the stovetop - How To make Roux:

Continue whisking while you slowly pour the half and half. Add a pinch of salt and mix  until you obtain a creamy, smooth mixture.

On the stovetop - How To make Roux:

Pour the sauce over the soup in the Instant Pot and stir to incorporate it. Serve warm in bowls with crusty artisanal bread or a baguette.

Combine the soup with the sauce:

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