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Traditional Saxon Potato Tarragon Soup From Transylvania2

Traditional Saxon Potato Tarragon Soup From Transylvania

This traditional Saxon potato tarragon soup recipe belongs to my German grandmother. She lived most of her life in Transylvania and as a child, I used to spend many of my summer vacations in her house. Her recipes are very close to my heart, but this soup, in particular, brings very strong memories of my childhood. In the last few years,  I discovered that a lot of these memories are related to the foods my both grandmothers used to make.…

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Czech Bars with Jam and Walnuts

I found this recipe of Czech bars with jam and walnuts in a Commemorative Cookbook of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. I love these books as they always bring the culture, the recipes, and traditions of the state together. I was always interested in Minnesota's culture, the state that adopted me many years ago when I moved to the U.S. , so I always looked for ways to familiarize myself with the culture of the place. Minnesota has a great tradition of…

German Plum Kuchen Pflaumenkuchen3

German Plum Kuchen- Pflaumenkuchen

I love this recipe. While plums are still in season, this recipe should be on the list of everyone who loves baking bars and using seasonal ingredients. The recipe comes from Transylvania and it is specific to the Saxon(German) cuisine. Easy to make and incredible delicious, the German Plum Kuchen is a little treasure, great for a lazy Sunday afternoon snack, or dessert. Click here to PIN this tasty recipe so you can make it later! Tip: The dough can…

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German Peach Kuchen

This is a very popular recipe in the Saxon cuisine of Transylvania, peaches and custard baked to a chewy, gooey perfection on a tender cookie crust. Can be made all year around  with canned peaches, but try the fresh ones in the summer first. Served hot with ice cream or alone cold, the recipe is so popular that I even found a version of it in a Saxon Cook Book published in 1955 by the Transylvanian Saxons immigrated to United…

Prajitura Simpla Cu Nuca Si Scortisoara Din Ardeal3

Walnuts And Cinnamon Coffee Cake- An Old Saxon Recipe From Transylvania

I adore Transylvanian desserts and this recipe comes from there. It does not claim to be a fancy one but it is an old treasure that I thought deserves some attention due to the simplicity of the ingredients. This recipe of walnuts and cinnamon coffee cake is inherited from my grandmother who was German and lived in Transylvania. The cake is made from a simple batter with butter, sugar, eggs, flour and spices. Before it goes in the oven, the…

Baked Cheesy German Spaetzle Pasta7

Baked Cheesy German Spaetzle Pasta with Caramelized Onion

I was running out of ideas for cooking one day and digging through my pantry I found a bag of German Spaetzle Pasta, an egg pasta that is a traditional staple for many German households.  I do not cook a lot with egg pasta, so I had no idea what to do with it. I know Germans combine Spaetzel pasta with caramelized onions and cheese, so I thought that I could try to make a version of baked mac and cheese, but with Spaetzle…

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