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My 10 Favorite Culinary Books

This is a list of my 10 favorite culinary books I consider to be the base of my cooking, baking, and entertaining. I sometimes use recipes as an inspiration for my work.

My 10 Favorite Culinary Books

This is a subject I have wanted to write about for a long time. You see, I have been collecting culinary books for years. 

Even when you have it in your genes, the passion for cooking and baking needs to be improved every day by learning and discovering new techniques, ingredients or flavors.

My interest is in simple, made from scratch recipes from around the world. I am also interested in old cooking books and fascinated by what people used to eat in the past, especially since I moved to the US.

I love going to antique or thrift stores or anywhere I can dig for more American old recipes and books.

Since I graduated from the Pastry School in Bucharest a few years ago, I started to invest in culinary books to improve my skills.

So, today, I thought about sharing with you the 10 most important culinary books I cannot live without.

I buy a lot from Amazon because I love it. I can compare prices, choose from old and new books, read reviews, etc. In general, I love shopping online, for that matter, reviews and comparison are the most important tools out there.

Every book you will see on this list, I use and cherish a lot. I recommend them because I think they could be useful to anyone who loves to bake, cook, entertain, or is simply a food lover.

My 10 Favorite Culinary Books

Entertaining Books:

Baking Books:

Meanwhile, happy reading to all of you!

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